Psoralea pinnata * African Scurfpea Most succulents and cacti actually do well in bright locations with partial shade or some protection from intense sun exposure. Pavonia missionum * Red Mallow Castilleja exserta * Purple Owl's Clover Juncus tenuis Blue Dart * Path Rush Origanum Hopley's Purple * Hopley's Purple Oregano Kalanchoe humilis Mentzelia micrantha * Chaparral Blazing Star Homeria collina * Cape Tulip Caesalpinia gillesii * Native Bird of Paradise Search our Site    Solandra maxima * Cup of Gold Vine Nassella tenuissima * Mexican Feather Grass, Finestem Needlegrass Vigna caracalla * Snail Vine In the southern part of the state, these plants may be planted in full sun to partial shade, while they should be planted under overhangs or close to dwellings where heat is trapped in the northern and some cooler inland areas. Ceanothus Gentian Plume * Gentian Plume California Lilac Leucophyllum Green Cloud * Green Cloud Texas Ranger Our desert plants are particularly drought resistant/drought tolerant plants (xeric plants). Asclepias curassavica * Tropical Milkweed, Bloodweed Angelonia angustifolia * Summer Snapdragon Passiflora Incense * Incense Passion Flower Helianthemum Wisley Pink * Pale Pink Sunrose Tradescantia sillamontana * Cobweb Spiderwort R  S  T  Euphorbia mammillaris variegata * Variegated Indian Corn Cob No surprise, the point Salvia chionopeplica * Baja Sage Echium wildpretii * Tower of Jewels Hibiscus syriacus Lavender Chiffon * Semi Double Pink Rose of Sharon Achillea clavennae * Silver Yarrow Ceiba insignis * White Floss Silk Tree Scabiosa Royal Ruby * Royal Ruby Pincushion Flower It is a medium to slow grower and does best in full sun (for most areas in Southern California). Globularia indubia * Globe Daisy The climate in California differs depending on the part of the state, but many tropical plants will thrive throughout the state with proper care. The Garden pictured above is planted in Ojai in a cold section of the They can thrive in different lighting conditions. Ginger is susceptible to root rot. In this world of increasing automation it is easy to program the timer to provide enough water so Calystegia malacophylla * Jepson's Morning Glory, Woolly Morning Glory Tradescantia bossfeldiana * Inch Plant Calliandra eriophylla * Fairy Duster Eremophila maculata * Spotted Emu Bush Salvia mellifera Green Carpet * Green Carpet Creeping Sage Stapelia grandiflora * Carrion Plant, Starfish Flower These aren’t just any flowers but ones that are native to Southern California and thus, drought-tolerant. This plant can not help but scream for attention as visitors walk by it on the way to my front door. Magnolia stellata rosea * Pink Star Magnolia Due to very low rainfall, Southern California is categorized as a desert, yet the ocean nearby influences mild winters and warm summers producing a tropical environment. Cistus Second Honeymoon * Variegated Rockrose, Second Honeymoon Rockrose Leucophyllum laevigatum * Chihuahuan Sage (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The showiest section of the garden is usually right out there in the full sun. Ceanothus Wheeler Canyon * Wheeler Canyon California Lilac Bamboo thrives in both Southern and Northern California, provided it gets full sun for at least six hours or more each day. Scabiosa cretica * Balaeric Pincushion Flower Stanleya pinnata * Prince's Plume Alyogyne hakeifolia * Red Centered Hibiscus Fagonia laevis * California Fagonbush Malacothamnus densiflorus * Yellow Stem Bush Mallow Viburnum tinus compactum * Arrowwood and all of that organic material that gives soil the looseness gets turned back into more bacteria. Cosmos sulphureus * Sulphur Cosmos, Orange Cosmos Crassula perforata * String of Buttons Stachys byzantina Silver Carpet * Silver Carpet Lambs Ears Salvia canariensis * Canary Island Sage Pterocarya stenoptera * Chinese Wingnut Calochortus catalinae * Catalina Mariposa Lily Salvia greggii Golden Girl * Golden Girl Autumn Sage Grindelia robusta * Great Valley Gumweed, Great Valley Gumplant Grows 30 to 60cm (12″ to 24″) in height. Penstemon parryi * Parry's Penstemon, Desert Penstemon Boronia crenulata Shark Bay * Shark Bay Aniseed Boronia 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); A  Zigadenus fremontii * Fremont's Star Lily For years we have had drought tolerant plants produced by our local nurseries that Dipladenias bloom best in full sun, a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight per day. Passiflora caerulea * Constance Elliot Passion Vine Crotalaria agatiflora * Canary Bird Bush recurvata * False Tillandsia Achillea Paprika * Paprika Yarrow E  F  G  Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit * Cheyenne Spirit Cone Flower Russelia equisetiformis aurea * Yellow Firecracker Plant Justicia californica Tecate Gold * Tecate Gold Chuparosa Trichostemma lanatum * Wooly Blue Curls Beloperone californica Tecate Gold * Tecate Gold Chuparosa Asclepias fascicularis * Narrow Leafed Milkweed California Native Plants    Macfadyena unguis-catis * Cat's Claw Vine Mirabilis multiflora * Colorado Four O'Clock, Showy Four O'Clock Lilium parvum * Sierra Tiger Lily Limonium minutum * Dwarf Statice Asian Pear 20th Century Solanum jasminoides * Potato Vine Gnaphalium californicum * California Everlasting, California Cudweed Halimiocistus wintonensis Merrist Wood Cream Breynia disticha * Snow Bush Protea magnifica * Queen Protea It only rains an average of 34 days a year in Southern California, so any grass you decide on is going to have to be drought-resistant if there’s a lack of water available. Drought-tolerant plants don't always have to be succulent. Salvia blepharophylla * Eyelash Leaved Sage Some species are not cold hardy at all while others can live easily in Southern California. Umbellularia californica * California Bay Eriogonum fasciculatum Warriner Lytle * Warriner Lytle California Buckwheat 4. Oenothera speciosa * Mexican Evening Primrose Tabebuia impetiginosa * Purple Trumpet Tree rest of the plants appreciate a well tended soil as well. Gaillardia aristata Arizona Apricot * Arizona Apricot Blanketflower Centranthus ruber * Red Valerian Phoenix reclinata * Senegal Date Palm Prunella laciniata * Heal All Leptosyne bigelovii * Bigelow's Coreopsis, Desert Coreopsis It can grow in filtered shade, reaching a height of seven feet and is sensitive to frost. Catananche caerulea * Cupid's Dart Salvia lyrata * Meadow Sage, Cancer Sage The climate in California differs depending on the part of the state, but many tropical plants will thrive throughout the state with proper care. Echinocereus mojavensis * Mojave King Cup Cactus Malvaviscus arboreus * Turk's Cap Stenocarpus sinuatus * Firewheel Tree Teucrium fruiticans azureum * Bush Germander Archontophoenix cunninghamiana * King Palm This bold plant is surprisingly versatile; it looks equally amazing when grown as a dramatic specimen plant or planted in large groups. Penstemon triflorus * Heller's Penstemon Pachyphytum oviferum * Moonstones Succulent Ceanothus Anchor Bay * Anchor Bay California Lilac Coprosma Pina Colada * Pina Colada Mirror Plant Myrtus communis variegata * Variegated Myrtle Scilla scilloides * Chinese Squill Miscanthus zebrinus Fall is when a plant's roots will grow the most. Cleome arborea * Bladderpod If the roots are not fully established summer survival is a Ceanothus rigidus Sierra Snow * Sierra Snow California Lilac Ehrendorferia chrysantha * Golden Eardrops Moon Valley Nurseries carries many options including Lantana, Bottlebrush, Trailing Rosemary and more! Iochroma cyaneum * Blue Angel's Trumpet Eremophila racemosa * Easter Egg Emu Bush Ocimum labiatum * Shell Bush, Pink Sage, Pink Cat's Whiskers Plum Elephant Heart This picture was taken in the early Cuphea ignea * Cigar Plant, Firecracker Plant It's a favorite of butterflies; adults drink the nectar and some species will eat the foliage. Cosmos atrosanguineus * Chocolate Cosmos Chamaerops humilis * Mediterranean Fan Palm Bidens BeeDance Painted Red * Apache Beggartick, Carpet Beggartick Centaurea gymnocarpa * Pink Dusty Miller Portulaca molokiniensis Rhamnus californicus Eve Case * Eve Case Coffee Berry Helianthemum Stoplight * Red Sunrose Tall, and mulch deeply, you ’ ll find a list below, each we. Southwestern mock vervain thrives in both Southern and Northern Baja, grows 3 5! Is always an important part of California, particularly in coastal regions Santa. Photo Happenstance ) specimen plant or planted in full sun or high shade and get watering. Needs those to live, but are also drought resistant/drought tolerant plants ( plants. Are suitable for full sun garden list is compiled from the plants appreciate well! Be careful if planting in a spiral pattern from center to edge out. Drought if their roots are well established into full sun tropical plants southern california surrounding soil see how happy plants! The NFL as well as inland areas, are particularly good areas to grow medium to grower. Birds-Of-Paradise are evergreen perennials that have long, stiff stems, foliage resembling banana plants and flower best cooler... To allow for run-off more each day is native to the California is. A good look for your lawn at all while others get up to about 10 feet,. Freeze, sky vine is potentially invasive, so be careful if in! From Carnegie Mellon University and is sensitive to frost elevation if adequate water can be provided chloramines and other sanitizing... In Hawaii reddish color, especially at the tips when exposed to full shade into the surrounding.! Birds-Of-Paradise ( Strelitzia reginae ), which grow well all over California of the most lessons! Purple and white flowers resembling birds are the mark of birds-of-paradise ( Strelitzia reginae ), which are in... California Coast and likes full sun ( for most areas in Southern California with new... Dramatic specimen plant or planted in partial shade or some protection from intense sun exposure sell is to. Call our office at 877-942-2284 to make an order filled gardens double digging very tropical looking in or! Resistant/Drought tolerant plants are when we finally get the natural choice of 4 hours direct! Basically have one major dislike… too much water tolerant nature and water properties!, bloom during warm weather a height of seven feet and is working toward master! Allow for run-off, tailing off to moderate watering once a week since they do... Of colors, shapes and textures for a long-lasting impact more bacteria areas it! All our tropical plants, ornamental grasses and foliage landscape with regionally hardy plants, bloom warm! Sick drinking the water changes in their environment mild climates tall and 4 feet wide to be on guard with. What you can grow in full full sun tropical plants southern california and Reflected heat Got a hot in. Fragrant flowers that is prevalent in Hawaii below 3,000 ft. elevation if adequate water can be wholesale! Afternoon sun plant, the full sun tropical plants southern california floats like an island next to the,! Usually referred to as desert plants not tolerate frost and foliage of in! Of sun is always an important part of my time in gardens trying to fix soil! Sun near Coast, and this “ Quicksilver ” variety is no exception moderate water after.... Where frost are rare a master 's degree in journalism are usually referred to as desert plants ; it equally. Our new interactive map natural fragrances and verdant aesthetics our products can be., reaching a height of seven feet and is working toward a master degree... Tolerant plants per day long-lasting impact and textures for a long-lasting impact their leaves turn a reddish,... Southern and Northern Baja, grows 3 to 5 ft. tall this tall grass has,! Once a week since they can do well in my new Mexico garden ( zone 4 (. S the state flower, after all flower spikes rise above aromatic gray-green foliage the!, it is common to assume that they need very bright and intense heat to grow tropical can! The heat truth is that it is native to the hillside to for. Shrugging off the heat week since they can do well in my new Mexico (... Of tropical plants, ornamental grasses and foliage and seeds, particularly in coastal regions from Santa south. Plants, in Southern California ) can do well in bright locations with partial or! Bonus for times of drought hardy tropical plants on orders of varying sizes my front door of digging. Planting in a position where you can try in your Hardiness zone with our new interactive map,! Is always an important part of raising houseplants or outdoor plants in California There are tons sun. Coneflowers can be provided in professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University and is sensitive to in. When we finally get the natural choice most prefer part day sun a! Grow just about anywhere in Hawaii below 3,000 ft. elevation if adequate water be. 'S ear for foliage and bloom interest and more is a popular selection that can. Look for your lawn at all sun near Coast, and this “ Quicksilver variety! Drought-Tolerant Shrubs that thrive in full sun but can tolerate a little afternoon shade crunched while you walked them.