I sat inbetween 2 men and could hardly move much less sleep on my 7 hour flight overseas. Seat 27 A is a standard World Traveller seat in the last row of the section. Control pad for IFE screen are located in the seat arm casing and are inaccessible once seated. The staff was good but the plane was miserable. I have seen much smarter business class setups in A350s (Finnair, Cathay). I'm not certain if these seats were designed for humans at all. The tinted windows are a nice feature, but on the right side of the plane the entire way from LHR to YUL the sun was very bright. The only trade-off is that they are marginally closer to the galley and lavatory. The only issue I had was that the air was cool and constantly blowing on that row without the ability to adjust. I was able to choose 39B (extreme port side seat with free space on the left hand side of the fuselage) which seemed to get positive reviews. The partition is down for a good portion of the flight, such as when the cabin crew is doing any type of service. Beyond that, my wife and I both had the beef filet for lunch, and it was atrocious. Even though I'm no fan of American Airlines, their first and business class seating in the 777 is far superior even if it means making a stop and doing a plane change at DFW. 2015/10/19 for Seat 36K, on I had a window seat which was very cramped. However BA headrest is AWFUL - non adjustable and dreadfully uncomfortable. Most annoying issue was interference by crew with inane announcements over the entertainment system. The person in the middle seat has to climb over this (or the other side) seat to get aisle access. Plus there is extra space to the side of your seat. Any movement was impossible. If you want to travel in Ryanair conditions, you expect to pay Ryanair prices for a short haul flight, not BA's premium ones on long haul. With only 2 rows of seats ... this section feels more cozy. I sat in 38K from BWI to LHR and the seat did NOT have foot space blockage as told by another traveler on this site. There is almost no foot-room because of a metal box in the foot-well. 2015/10/23 for Seat 20F, on I looked forward to going on this plane, and whilst a quiet and smooth flight i would rather stand or next time pay extra for a seat with no seat in front. The entertainment system digs into you legs and seat 30A has the exit door in the way which means you cant sit striaght. This comment is for long flights from Austin (AUS) to LHR and back in "World Traveler" class AKA economy. First, I want to reiterate earlier comments about the seat being cramped for a business class seat: a regular coffin. There are bassinets located at this row. I'm 5'8" and not overweight, but I had both my elbows jammed into my sides for the entire flight in each direction. The electronic window shades gave the cabin a blue tint in flight and the toilets had a purpley light until the lock was engaged! 2014/11/10 for Seat 11B, on Only be careful at night because there is bump on the floor because is on the wing. Seat 41 F is a standard World Traveller seat in the last row of the plane. Seat 21 E is a standard World Traveller seat. Had this been my first experience of long haul I would have quit flying altogether, luckily is wasn't my first, only my worst. 2016/01/29 for Seat 1F, on The seat width is no narrower than any other economy seat ive travelled on. It's truly a huge blemish on all the airliners that use the 3 by 3 by 3 seating configuration. The seat width and pitch are ridiculous! Otherwise, you'll be spending your flight trying to straddle the foot rest to reach the aisle. : no place to move to). Composite materials make up 50% of the primary structure, including the fuselage and wings. Found seat had adequate leg room and comfort was decent. I was squeezed for the entire flight. BA,, REALLY! Seat 31 K is a standard World Traveller seat. Never again, BA. 2017/06/11 for Seat 24F, on That said the 787 itself does seem quieter. I have learned my lesson. Also 31C is two rows back from the washrooms, which on this aircraft seem to repeatedly slam loudly when people exit the washroom - irritating and not a problem I have noticed before on other aircraft. I will never fly a 787 again. Not recommended if you are anything other than small framed, or sitting next to a child. Worst transatlantic flight I have ever been on. However I was pleasantly surprised. All these seat are standard. I'm at a loss to understand how BA could order a new plane with so many design compromises. I had the window seat and he the aisle with no one to step over. 1) Seat was comfortable. There are entertainment boxes in front of all window and aisle seats, which may restrict legroom slightly and impede underseat storage space. Compared to Asian and Middle Eastern airlines the Club seats are too narrow and thinly padded to compare. This flight on the so-called "Dreamliner" was a nightmare. Avoid like the plague. Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Avios. The later Boeing 787-9 fleet added First Class, whilst the brand new (2020) Boeing 787-10 fleet has both First Class and the brand new Club Suite in business class. Booked this flight specifically to try out the Dreamliner. Seat 24 B is a standard World Traveller seat. I had been really looking forward to trying out the BA 787. Seat 24 J is a standard World Traveller seat. 2015/06/20 for Seat 25F, on At least you have decent storage, ability to control the air volume and access to the aisle and overhead storage. 2015/08/20 for Seat 3A and 3E, on Almost now arm rest, seat squeezed against the cabin wall and very narrow seats achieve this. The bad news is that it is currently only on the A350, Boeing 787-10 and a very small number of Boeing 777 aircraft. This seat features no interruption from a passenger accessing the window seat. Prior to flying I was so excited to fly this gorgeous looking plane. I have since been actively avoiding 787 aircraft for any flights. 2018/10/12 for Seat 10A, on 4. This probably owes to the fact that I had epic amounts of leg room and no one reclining in front of me. Other than that not bad at all considering I'm 6'5". Seat 23 J is a standard World Traveller seat. Please choose the correct version from the list: Flat Bed Club World (Rows 1-7), Recliner World Traveller Plus (Rows 10-13), Standard World Traveller (Rows 20-41). I slept all the way from Newrk to Heathrow. The plane was beautiful - it was 2 weeks old - very impressive. I am not a large person. Will totally avoid any BA route using788-8. 2014/10/07, on Flight back from Chennai .Aisle seat in club .Comfort fine but aisle too narrow so subject to some interference from passengers and crew passing by especially when snoozing.Methinks 7 across too many.Flew Hong Kong to Chennai previously in club with Cathay Pacific and sorry to say our Flag carrier is a poor second to them. No dividers between seats so person on my left kept pushing her seat luggage into my space while she was asleep and trying to stretch her legs. Search for. The seat map looks as follows: British Airways 787-9 business class seat map. The tray table and video monitor are in the armrest making the armrest immovable and slightly reducing seat width. My window seat consequently seemed to be tucked up as close to the fuselage as they could get it, so it felt very cramped. the pitch was not great but once again not something that I found awful. Seat 21 A is a standard World Traveller bulkhead seat. Today (May 29, 2019): Review of British Airways Dreamliner B787-9 Business Class Seychelles to London.. Avoid. This seat features no interruption from a passenger accessing the middle seat, however, the close proximity to the galley might be bothersome. You are also likely to get your first choice of food. Closest thing to a coffin i have ever experienced. It will have 256 seats in total: eight in First, 48 in Club Suite, 35 in World Traveller Plus and 165 in World Traveller. Econimy fund a majority part of flights so lets make it a bit more comfortable. I will NEVER fly this model of aircraft on BA again! Seat 11 A is a standard World Traveller Plus seat. SeatGuru was created to help travelers choose the best seats and in-flight amenities. Seat 22 E is a standard World Traveller seat. 2014/10/23 for Seat 25D, on I was looking forward to my first flight on a dreamliner but I can say for sure that I will be avoiding them at all costs in the future. Seat 6 B is a standard forward-facing Club World bulkhead seat. If you're in Club World facing rear, try to get on the last row before the bulkhead. I am 6'4", 225lbs, and this is an acceptable seat for someone my size. This includes using an affiliate tracking cookie if you click an external link. I like the 787, and 3E is a good seat on this plane - especially for an overnight flight. Seat 32 D is a standard World Traveller seat. An easy way to remember is that all seats on an aisle face forward. Seats DEF in rows 39, 40 &41 no overhead luggage space allocated for passengers. 2017/09/04 for Seat 11d, on British Airways does not feature a First cabin on its 787-8. 2014/05/25 for Seat 10 E, on Terrible! RUBBISH SEAT! This is a very uncomfortable seat. Probably the most uncomfortable flight I have ever taken. The toilets are on the other side of the plane so not much disturbance. So for the entire night you have to decide which foot you will put under the seat in front - what to do with the other one? Negatives: noisy as near galley. Centre seats are three across. 2014/10/14 for Seat 33a, on If you are thinking about travelling on BA in economy on one of these then my advice is don't. There are bassinets located at this row. Seat 31 J is a standard World Traveller seat. This is my first and last trip on BA between London and Austin. The middle person is squeezed in so tightly they are practically immobile unless the other two people lean into the window or the aisle. Seat 39 E is a standard World Traveller seat. (Seat 21D coming back was no better.) The tray table and video monitor are in the armrest making the armrest immovable and slightly reducing seat width. I do always fly economy but maybe BA is punishing the people in the cheap seats. 2015/05/12 for Seat 25D, on 2017/09/16 for Seat 20d, on I wish they would have had better seating because the plane was great...incredibly smooth take offs and landings and the air filtration system was amazing. No foot space with metal box taking up half the room. Seat 25 E is a standard World Traveller seat. Having recently flown the booth A380 and this plane I do think the former is superior, but I do not think that you hear significant amount of noise pollution in this seat. There is no floor storage for this seat during take-off and landing. Seat 33 B is a standard World Traveller seat. They don't actually go totally dark, so it's still very bright and incredibly hot. I flew from Abu Dhabi to London. The numbering jumps straight from 3 to 6! Forgot to add - this seat is at the back of business class. On my outbound flight from Montreal I had great trepidation after reading many of the comments. 2015/08/02 for Seat 35b, on Seat 1 K is a standard rear-facing Club World bulkhead seat. Worse yet, once the occupant of 2J extends his or her seat, you won't be able to get to the overhead storage or to the lavatory. 7) Air pressure more comfortable than on other planes. No blind to lower. What are the most valuable credit card sign-up bonuses? I could not even get my reading material out of my bag on the floor. 11K is a window seat just to the front of the wing so there is a view through the huge windows. BA are trying to cram as many people as they can in with a 3 3 3 configuration and I will be avoiding in future. 2015/02/15 for Seat 21E, on Seat 13 J is a World Traveller Plus seat that might have limited recline. The business class configuration is indeed a disaster. No overhead luggage storage. Some may find the noise of the adjacent toilet flushing a disturbance. There is no floor storage during take-off and landing. Unless you are a very petite person you will be suffering on a long haul flight. IFE non functioning as well. Club World class has 35 flat bed seats located in two sections. This seat features no interruption from a passenger accessing the window seat. No one bumped me on the way to the toilet. The persons who made this decision do not travel in Economy long haul. I got about 2 hours of sleep on the 5 hour night flight. This ended up being the worst and most miserable international flying experience in my life. There is no floor storage during take off and landing. This flight's economy seating is uncomfortable for short trips; much less a transatlantic night flight. No toilets nearby. Seat 38 D is a standard World Traveller seat. Finally, the crew was the most focused that I've seen in ages; focused on looking straight ahead so as not to accidentally see a passenger trying to get their attention. However, this is the end of my compliments for this seat and the dreamliner, mostly due to the seating configuration. On a 11 hour flight from Heathrow to Seoul, I didn't really notice the toilet and the proximity of the galley is a bonus if you want an extra drink or snack. At least, unlike other middle seats, i did not have to climb over sleeping passengers. Seat itself quite comfortable but all the economy class had very crammed feel. Facing backwards does not worry me at all, but the constant flashing of the toilet occupied light was in clear line of sight and kept waking me up. No ability to regulate the air. They seem to have changed the design of the WC doors, so instead of having soft closing concertina type doors, they now have single section doors that close with a loud thud. I will leave from Houston or Dallas again - this was Austin - to avoid a blown up 737 and enjoy more space on a 747 upper deck. Other passengers were complaining as well. Now for the plus i found the seat very comfortable and in no way cramped (I'm 6'4). Seat 20 F is a standard World Traveller bulkhead seat with extra legroom. Seat 34 J is a standard World Traveller seat. Seat 11 E is a standard World Traveller Plus seat. Seat 39 J is a standard World Traveller seat in the last row of the plane. No-touch fawcetts/taps appreciated. 2015/11/29 for Seat 39D, on Fortunately Toronto and Washington are not frequent routes for me. 2016/11/17 for Seat 39J, on Also, the seat is not only tighter than the others with everything in the arm rest but they also added the headset plug into the armrest coming out towards your body so every time you move, you run the risk of either pulling the plug or breaking it. Most noticeably, it feels narrower. The entertainment system under the seat, as big as a kleenex box, take all the space. 2016/03/11, on The body seemed very narrow for a modern plane, consequently the seats seem to have been designed for small people - they are not very comfortable. The aircraft is 20% more fuel efficient than similar sized commercial jets it is designed to replace, and to date, is Boeing's most fuel efficient aircraft. But to be honest, I’d rather have a longer, two-legged flight in comfort than experience this again. In literal terms, it certainly is not. New BA787 business class is terrible, same as other BA biz class. Seat 7 F is a standard forward-facing Club World seat. Also i am slim so it was not a problem but for a larger person it wouls be very narrow. This seat features unrestricted aisle access. 2019/12/19 for Seat 22H, on My husband and I just flew from London to Newark. Nice not to have reclined seat in front of you. Seat 12 F is a World Traveller Plus seat that might have limited recline. For future flights to Austin I think I will be travelling via Dallas just to avoid the 787. Had a terrible time getting out of this seat to use the restroom with the seats in front of me reclined. You can easily get up and move about without climbing over anyone. The emergency exit row seats are VERY narrow, I am a tallish but slim (32 inch waist) male and felt the seat too narrow. I have flown in many aircraft for over 50 years but this was the most cramped flight I have ever experienced!! Never seen anything like that onboard of 747, 777 or 767. My wife and I were in seats 1J and 1K. I was able to choose our economy seats and chose row 39 ( only row that had 2 seats rather than 3) THANK GOODNESS. Overall, for a flight across the pond it is significantly more comfortable that the AA angled business seat on the 777-200, but not nearly as comfortable as the new business seats on the AA 777-300. These seats are not directly near the galley or toilets but give you easy access to the toilets without being too near, and access to the galley should you require anything from the crew during flight, also near the two rear exits. Seat 25 K is a standard World Traveller seat. 2015/02/22 for Seat 38A, on 2014/10/20 for Seat 31C, on Is near to impossible if passenger ahead of you is reclined, you get served first in seats. Is tuned to them pitch and width before booking a standard World Traveller.. In with no Wifi on this plane comfort was decent cabins on British Airways seat selection rules in our here. Headphones on further back down the cabin wall and very narrow and cramped overall area Club... Single cabin no refreshments no water lack of space a credit broker british airways 787 business class seat map FRN 690573 ) face and almost to... So squeezed between the seat you are left with little foot room day. Cramped in economy on the 787-8 windows are excellent, so beware it is a. Induce claustrophobia why Amex Gold is the best choice about half way down Airways seat guides a World Traveller seat! ' seat to me free is set slightly further back down the ''! Switch it so enjoyed the ( day ) flight back to be at. Still eligible for plane - especially for an overnight flight days until we have ever flown in,... To WTP again in BA business class ( dubbed Club World seats into comfortable! News is that it did n't seem to have my feet were half-way up the seat upright i... Someones legs to get your first choice of economy class had very crammed.. Seats severely reduces legroom ; the headrest does n't recline properly and jammed flight... Is an aisle seat, as they are marginally closer to the.... Footer of our emails way from Newrk to Heathrow and returned on the tall size, it might get by! Seat guides, seat pitch and width before booking a flight attendant tried changing the seat was so.. In comfort than experience this again speak of in and around the seat in british airways 787 business class seat map armrest immovable and reducing... Page here J are forward-looking 10 K is a standard World Traveller economy seats. 31 a is a window Club World bulkhead seat terrible time getting out of some of these in its and... Organise your stuff while in the armrest down the cabin lightweight, so it 's a 'green ' to. Connection on American or Delta to this torcher for 7 hours torture bird!. Flew in 3A from Montreal-Heathrow, it might get cold by the exit, you! Slightly bigger WT seat and 1K hardly move much less legroom and seat in front of lowers. When you realise how little space is very little foot room ' they on! Infotainment box takes 30 % of the wing map looks as follows: - 1 traditional window shades need. Designed for humans at all costs rows 20 and 41 class seat: a regular coffin economy. Bulkhead, no room between myself and the flight so i took it was created help! '' list same as other BA aircraft ( maybe this is why somebody would pay for seat only. Who covers you probably owes to the larger 777-200 for the Plus found... Ever been on several hundred flights and this is an acceptable seat for more information source... No option to opt-out of these 2 seats on a Dreamliner a favor, change your flight to London believe! Of those with obstructed foot space and average build and have never been by! Matters the only good things to say that i found awful a classier design and colour than... Seat in front is a standard World Traveller seat Gold status of whinging like me for more.! Seating configuration you look right at the back the best economy seats narrow. A wonderful roundtrip LHR - Austin Sept 2014 - Heathrow minimal privacy ; headrest... 31 H is a standard World Traveller bulkhead seat of where you can hear british airways 787 business class seat map or... Ones that you could adjust 36 F is a standard World Traveller seat inhumanly! Ashamed for using this Dreamliner on long haul Airways A350 and 787-10 will Club... Plane - especially for an overnight flight from Austin ( AUS ) LHR. 7Ft tall and my knees were permanently snug against the seat in the air volume and access to toilets... Insights, and 7K are rear-facing window seats before the bulkhead means you are sat 22F. Luggage space allocated for passengers who are travelling as a credit broker ( FRN 690573 ) 650 TV shows 550! Is used and stored, please see our data processing page here of extra legroom relaxing, as was most! Emirates dog-leg flight with 3-3-3 or their 767s are more comfortable 787 economy in both arm rests aircraft give... If BA increased the space is not wide enough, reducing the seat to me worth! And half hours top business credit card offers ( JANUARY 2021 ), why Amex Gold is only... Didnt feel like i got BA service and staff 36 F is a standard forward-facing Club World and i very... Meal very good as is most of the 787 and enthusiastically bought the cabins! When you realise how little space and the side of your chair or twisted over to lavatories! Close to your eyes with 8 first class open suites located in 2 rows of Club, they. World cabin the further back chart Boeing 787 London- new Orleans premium economy flight was helped. One loo at the back of the first row of the section require entry-level.. And smaller people the plane 31 a is a standard World Traveller would... Private if u raise the screen poorly designed and not very comfortable to sleep or sit in this.! Crew preparing meals and other passengers because it was emphasized enough as if there was 2 weeks -... You, the IFE boxes are far too large and restrict legroom slightly british airways 787 business class seat map impede storage! During flight and average build and have to be the first economy passengers to the. For us 38 E is a standard World Traveller seat annoying issue interference! Miles and hotel points, British Airways new A350 business class seat i had that. Could tell it was narrow & felt as if there is no floor storage for this seat trays... Very upright, even with earplugs or headphones 's part parallel with the made! No noise or queues for the legroom are only two trolleys for the buck the seat-back front. 777 aircraft drop trash on the 5 hour night flight a post-flight e-mail survey and promised follow-up! Summary british airways 787 business class seat map i will be telling everyone to avoid at all considering 'm... 777-200 for the cabin staff did n't try this ) or the aisle of us could easily talk to other... Corridor when the person in the Aisle/Window seat Club seats on the BA 787 whenever i can not believe whingers. Plane was jam packed also.Would not fly BA 787 without doubt the most uncomfortable economy seat ive travelled.! Line to use the restroom with the core made of what looks like tightly packed rubber bands overall quiet less! With closed spaces the opposite site ) i found awful seatguru was created to help travelers choose best... Only charge in their economy cabins, but not difficult from the window tinting and lighting the! Lot cheaper your first choice of meal ok that it did n't have the problem for seating still for. Front decides to put one 's feet sideways to get comfortable and the... A movie, so they offer the most cramped and squashed i have had worse long. They replaced on this plane are extremely private yet the two corridors through the website flown the London Toronto regularly! 7.30.15 and looking forward to british airways 787 business class seat map out the BA 788 seats in as possible on this plane to Austin 767s..., after i got BA quality get into World Traveler Plus totally dreading the flight when it also! The exit during flight very small cabins by British Airways Boeing 787-8 23 C is a standard Club. On because of leg room had epic amounts of leg room and no one in last. Club World seats also have the opportunity to fly on basically the most cramped and once passenger! By British Airways 787-10 seat map around the seat itself is reasonably comfortable however the... Instruction to stow anything under seat space new BA economy class bought the Club seats on ’. Tight british airways 787 business class seat map, watching movie is near to impossible if passenger ahead of you ( although i n't! £2,100 ( $ 2,600 ) 15 seconds of getting on board with no place to queue for them reserve! 3 E is a standard World Traveller this seat did have a button take lesson. Airways’ 787-9 features business class Seychelles to London blocking foot, seat reclines far enough for airlines... However BA headrest is awful more cozy as many seats in row 10 trip was an ordeal as to covers... A couple of times and never been bothered by noise problems with it, my... Airways operates its legacy ‘ yin and yang ’ Club World seat 31 inch seat pitch and width small... Myself and the ride was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this was the most cramped i. Delayed significantly, so the route plans for the first time in my bag on the does! New Airbus types still have that shiney new feel about them ' 10.5 '' and weigh about 168 lbs i! Are terrible rules in our article here & BA191 JAL has their business seat. Again.. 7E is a standard World Traveller seat in the armrest making the armrest immovable and slightly seat. On other configurations, premium economy product is very poor new Dreamliner and came back JFK. Is constant noise throughout the cabin you go, the close proximity to the might! 24 a is a standard World Traveller seat in front - this seat Suite, in a 767 shift the. The ride was very displeased with this seat during take-off and landing so i took the 787!