Sea shanties have taken over TikTok. W hile 2021 has already served up plenty of wretched bombshells, the best surprise of the past two weeks might be TikTok’s biggest new trend: sea shanties. Oh, wait a minute, they have — along with more than a million other people since his Green Bay Packers sea shanty on TikTok went viral. From Wellerman to Drunken Sailor, sea shanties are attracting the attention of landlubber TikTokers. Here's why. Sorry I didn't post for a while but I was taking some time off for the holidays, hope you all had a good vacation. Sea Shanties — Yes, Sea Shanties — Are Making a Comeback, Thanks in Part to This Delco Teen Luke Taylor joined TikTok as a lark, to pass the time during quarantine. 7 Fans. Sea Shanty TikTok is the perfect expression of masculinity for 2021 In shanties, we find something both extremely manly and subversively tender. In other words, the opposite of Trump's vitriol. Nathan Evans, a … In a surprising new trend, sea shanties have become popular on TikTok and other social media. Go ahead. All of them were links to a TikTok video of several guys singing a song, a sea shanty from the 19th century called “Wellerman,” using TikTok’s duet feature. Watch the latest video from Hi (@sea_shanty4). I'm back! Hi (@sea_shanty4) on TikTok | 264 Likes. TikTok’s unique ability to plumb the depths of obscure genres and hoist them to the forefront of popular culture has landed another viral sensation: the sea shanty. Sea shanty TikTok has gone viral because young people in Covid lockdown are in a similar situation to 19th century whalers, says John Archer Photograph: … Read that last part again.