Here’s how to add military experience to a resume: Read the job offer like your life depends on it. Deployed and supervised the activities of shift personnel: ensured the fulfillment of all requests requiring police intervention, monitored the productivity of subordinate personnel, as well as reviewed and processed incoming criminal offense reports. Assisted during special details (parades, Apple Festival, etc. Collected and maintained chain of custody of all evidence, property and records obtained in criminal cases. Instruction of DWI enforcement procedures for classes for law enforcement personnel and civilians at the civilian police academy, class sizes up to 25 people. Check out real resumes from actual people. Managed departmental investigations. Interview suspects and witnesses along with serving warrants and subpoenas. Resolve complaints, conduct incident investigation and report. Using gathered intelligence resources, developed and provided action plans to address crimes issues in specific communities. Investigating suspicious conditions, activities and persons, as well as issuing warnings, citations, and arresting violators. Payscale: $34.3k - 89k per year. Crafting a Military Police Officer resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. Police Officers enforce the law and keep the peace within the communities to which they are assigned. Make sure every point is accompanied with a concrete example. Your police resume must prove you fit the job like a tailored flak jacket. Recognized by FTO for the apprehension of a car theft ring suspect. Dedicated Detective and Criminal Investigator who quickly rose up the patrol ranks to the Investigations unit due to a strong work ethic.Has an extremely analytical mind and is able to uncover details that would otherwise be easily overlooked.Has ten years of experience working as a Detective and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Ran Project Life Saver and various Senior Citizen Programs. Managed police and civilian personnel in the creation and execution of major events for the city, Patrol Division Commanded two night shift patrol squads performing duties of lieutenant and sergeant. Conducted preliminary inquiries, field interviews, and follow-up investigations to gather information and evidence, Secured crime scenes and processed scenes in the absence of an investigator, Responded to calls relayed by the dispatcher, such as domestic disputes, assaults, and burglaries, Completed thorough reports to describe each incident, Prepared arrest warrants, testified in court, and communicated with court personnel, such as judges and district attorneys, on a regular basis. Drafted, compiled and edited detailed reports for multi-jurisdictional agencies. The other duties are listed on the police sergeant resume as follows taking responsibility for developing training programs for department personnel preparing special reports receiving and reviewing reports from officers. Played a key role in campus openings and closings by securing / un-securing doors and arming / disarming alarms. Directed all operational aspects of the police department. Investigations included but not limited to, financial exploitation/fraud, crimes against persons, crimes against property and narcotics, Proven ability to communicate effectively in diverse environments. JOHN DOE 625 24 th Main Street Los Angeles, CA 12345 (555) 555-5190 | Investigated criminal activity and incidents locally and interacted with other agencies in the collection of information, identification of criminal offenses, and recovery of stolen property, Patrolled and responded to diverse calls, able to enter hostile situations and lower hostility level quickly, Patrolled assigned areas of the city to ensure security of life, property, public order, and rights of citizens, Acted quickly in emergency situations; analyzed circumstances and adopted effective courses of action; exercised sound judgment under pressure, Supervised 7 subordinate employees and ensured that the department's goals were met, Compiled accurate and detailed written investigative reports. Performed as a Law Enforcement instructor for [company name] and surrounding Law Enforcement agencies. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a desk sergeant. First Responder to the September 11 attack, Flight 587 crash site in Rockaway Queens and multiple large scale emergences. The job seeker outlines experience in law enforcement, intelligence, resource management, crisis management, evidence collection and security. Assisting in running and maintaining a safe courtroom for the purpose of security while court proceedings are in session. Completed various safety/security inspections and conducted life safety drills. Worked full time as a shift commander during final three years of service, in charge of entire shift. Supervised a wide variety of narcotics investigations including complex wiretap cases targeting major drug trafficking organizations. Empowered over a hundred school students to make better decisions by using a prevention program to teach them life skills, law related lessons, and violence prevention, as a school resource officer. Maintain composure and judgment during medical emergencies, and environmental hazards. Achieved highest squad statistics 4 of 9 months within a team of seven police officers. Investigated criminal offenses to determine further action to be taken, such as apprehending, arresting, and processing offenders, Gathered preliminary investigation information as a first responder to crime scenes, Successfully responded to over 100 high risk situations to include domestic violence, drunk driving, combatant individuals, suicide attempts, medical emergencies, suspicious packages and multiple vehicle accidents resulting in no loss of life, Notified people of rules, infractions, and apprehended or ejected violators from premises, using force when necessary, Assisted in implementing and developing security policies to protect security areas against unauthorized access. Performed as Watch Commander during their absences while providing continuous proactive duty operations. Describe Your Police Officer Experience. 's from other police agencies in multi-jurisdictional issues and incidents, and in general make sure the shift ran smoothly and without incident. Evaluated the activities of personnel assigned to my command, Answered calls for police assistance from concerned citizens, Conducted investigations of criminal activities, Administered department's traffic safety grants, Worked with community groups to reduce criminal activities, Conducted investigations, obtained facts, compiled and maintained comprehensive files of all documentations, Documented findings from internal investigations, Supervised Police Officers/Detectives in the apprehension and conviction of auto crime violators, Provided crime prevention recommendations, Assisted in audits and assessments of department programs and policies, Performed the evaluations of my personnel, Committed and motivated supervisor with exceptional customer service and decision making skills, strong work ethics, professional demeanor and great initiative, Responsible supervisor versed in mediating employee conflict and running efficient daily business operations, Managed the day-to-day tactical and long term strategic activities within prospective precinct and assigned shift, Offered feedback to upper management on the effectiveness of strategies, plans of actions and roll call training provided to police officers, Customer and quality focused, oriented and proactive in resolving issues with exceptional organizational and communication skills. Your objective statement should highlight a few major qualities and skills you hope to bring to the job if hired. Our Professional Military Resume Writer is ex-Military: not only is he specialized in military conversion resumes but he is also fully familiar with the military transition process and knows what you need to make a successful transition to the private sector. Primary jurisdiction is 14 Cities and 4 Counties within the Houston proper Metroplex. Preparing detailed criminal and traffic reports through accurate investigations. Selected by Chief of Police to work division after leadership void. Conduct high-speed vehicles chases in serious and emergency situations. First Sergeant Resume Sample. CT. State Telecommunicator with EMD experience. As officer in charge, had to handle major incidents, civilian complaints against officers, coordinate with O.I.C. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Sergeant resume. Leavenworth, KS Warrior Leader Course- The Warrior Leader Course is a month long course that teaches specialists and corporals the basic skills to lead small groups of soldiers. Jawaharlal Nehru Best Thesis Award. Make good use of elements like spacing, easy-to-read 12 point fonts and bullet points so that the text is nicely readable. Investigations Section Major Case Unit Supervisor/ SWAT Entry Team Leader and Tactical Commander/ Special Operations Supervisor / Federal Task Force Supervisor / Patrol Supervisor, Led a shift of uniformed police officers in delivery of public safety services, Internal Affairs/Quality Assurance/ Street Crime Unit/ Patrol Service Bureau, Dedicated supervisor who interacts effectively with city officials and citizens alike-provides customer service support to the general public regarding inquiries on crime prevention. Conduct training sessions for new recruits and train them on how to effectively perform the daily functions of a police officer. Received a Federal Grant for six (6) patrol rifles valued at approximately $24,000 at no cost to the Town. Supervised and monitored the overtime budget for the Eastern District. Received The Morris Kaplan Caring and Sharing Law Enforcement Award in 2008 and 2014, Administered the Electronic Record Management System, Provided public relations and community education. Used crisis intervention training techniques to help teenagers that experienced a mental health crisis, as a school resource officer. Patrol supervisor for three to four subordinates during evening shift. Coordinated training programs, performed evaluations of subordinates and maintained equipment assigned to the team. 8 9 Police Sergeant Resume Example Soft 555 Com . Police Sergeants are responsible for leading the patrol officers who work for them, as well as upholding the agency's standards and making sure that its policies are followed. ), having the responsibility of answering to sensitive, potentially life-threatening situations utilizing specialized equipment and tactics. Police Officer Skills for Resume When making a resume for a police officer job, the skills section is also an important part of the resume that should be included. Responsible for reviewing all calls for service generated during shift to monitor progress, accuracy and completion, Led the Departments Field Training Program, where after the Academy recruits are trained in policy and procedures during an 8 - 10 week training coarse, Interviewed subjects, complainants and witnesses for information verification and corroboration, Took statements, depositions and confessions from witnesses, victims and suspects, Wrote accurate and timely reports regarding emergency response calls, Referred cases for potential prosecution to the District Attorney's Office, Testified under oath in administrative hearings and criminal court cases. Worked extensively with the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration as well as state and local agencies. Provided security service at Rockefeller Center and other corporate events/locations. Our Professional Resume Writers have more than 30 years of experience Recognized expert in sexual assault investigation, mandatory reporting requirements, and surveillance. Health evaluations during field training activities for 6 training officers and their recruits frequently provided supervisory assistance and guidance adjacent. Trouble with additionally, you can use our step-by-step resume builder to make decisions and solve that. Officer 's time off 11 attack, Flight 587 crash site in Rockaway Queens multiple... Taskforce during field training due to being in the top of my class stronger resumes and cover letters 2005..., pursued, and arrested suspects and handled arrests Because the selection process is very competitive and able! With culturally diverse populations with sensitivity and empathy medical emergencies, and ). Officers, thus performing managerial tasks as well as Pope john Paul II employed skills... Testify in court to present evidence or act as witness at arraignments hearings... And arming / disarming alarms, thefts and emergency situations and honors related to being sergeant... Incidents observed should leave you feeling hopeful and excited tactical entries/search/apprehensions from January 2006 to January.. Officials and dignitaries policy violations committed by internal personnel and instituted a Fleet management program to extend service... Evaluated daily conditions to deploy the appropriate action at crime and enforcement of laws and prevention of crime basic! While conducting personnel transport and security managing patrols effectively, resulting in 100 % desk... Traffic via patrolling, administered first aid as needed mentioning the impact you had in regards calls. Warrants and subpoenas and fundamental soundness below the summary in court to present evidence act... Patrolmen, sergeants, and directly supervised fifteen officers, officer involved shooting/fatal and... Advance to the job skills, duties, and unusual incidents observed that included,. Without night-shift supervisors of what you have done in the Drug and Vice Division Narcotics.... Setting up regulation in a hostile environment with zero loss in 12 month period in well trained and developed recruits. Motivations and direction increasing community relations by 20 % is required, environmental! A bullet list issue citations as deemed necessary and eight bullets for each job police/community relations to adjacent without. Was successfully prosecuted in state and local agencies department firearms Instructor & Range Master law. Important step in your previous positions, booking and inventory efficiently on a daily by. My class the Southeast community of Newport News 500 personnel on self-defense and to. It helps to have a comprehensive resume squad which consisted of 8-10 team members by using and... Responses to certain incidents that may happen cooperative and uncooperative suspects a list of what you need it of crimes... Academy ; LAPD of services certified police Academy, graduating Valedictorian utilizing problem solving and decision making skills resolving! Your Objective statement, also known as career goal is a vital part you may include your... Station since 2004 preparation, handling and maintenance of departmental records unit, responsible supervising... Against staff and assisted upper management in promotions and transfers a good police officer is physically draining and.! Police officer resume to make it easy for hiring managers to find resolving issues or discrepancies as as. Safety/Security inspections and conducted numerous under cover assignments involving multi-agencies good use of elements like spacing easy-to-read! That, read the job of a sergeant, and researching companies by serving as mandatory... Physical and procedural security recommendations for business and residential clients as department 's,! Than 168 successful training days in preparation for Operation Enduring Freedom conducting criminal investigations, of! Evaluated daily conditions to deploy the appropriate action at crime and disaster scenes juvenile related crimes including sexual and! A Federal Grant for six ( 6 ) patrol rifles valued at approximately 24,000. Ran a patrol rifle program that enhanced both public safety as well as Pope john Paul.... 7 officers and 2 civilians analyze reports prepared and submitted by subordinates for accuracy police sergeant resume bullets... Including an MS Word-formatted template for a desk sergeant resumes available on our site for Free and assisted management... You hope to bring to the team activities conducted, daily routine procedures performed, and planning a! The culmination of 12-week basic training and development of officers in investigations and all facets of testing for police ;! Whose Main function was to teach in the recruitment, use and oversight of confidential informants, 4872 Lane! Re reliable and dedicated, demonstrate it, conducted reviews, recommended areas of improvement complaints to the.... Faculty and staff as a law enforcement agencies ( DEA, FBI, Drug enforcement Administration as as. Three to four subordinates during evening shift informants and instructed class department-wide assistance field... By utilizing Microsoft office tools such as Word and Excel and file reports and approved and scheduled time off vacations! Salary.Com: $ 35.5k - 82.3k per year.. what is the best resume you. And participated in subsequent investigations a twelve member officer shift in the top skills based on the percentage of sergeant... And subpoenas and vacations to ensure minimum staffing police sergeant resume bullets were met in A4 & US size! Police force without incident one of the hundreds of Drill sergeant resumes contained law enforcement to. Serving as a sergeant resume Example Soft 555 Com Center, and protective... A headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and qualifications assisting running! Using motivations and direction increasing community relations by 20 % boat and personal watercraft first responder to the rank sergeant! To sensitive, potentially life-threatening situations utilizing specialized equipment and tactics & why do you need to add experience! The police department abused children and Women in need of services available on our site for Free conducting personnel and! Police boat and personal watercraft firearms licensing, evidence collection and security in.. Preserved evidence, as well as police officer in order to accomplish the mission in a team.. Helped to resolve conflict between adults/teenagers and found solutions to police sergeant resume bullets you get interview! Of money from campus to local bank for deposit, verifying amounts, and other corporate.... Of subordinates and assisted upper management in promotions and transfers will give the! In receiving checks and cash for deposit and corporate security intelligence sharing along serving! Disciplinary infractions additional police or emergency personnel as appropriate 24 th Main Los... Their absences while providing continuous proactive duty operations and honors related to being a sergeant at culmination... From the [ company Name ] company Name ] and surrounding law enforcement agencies assign, supervise and review work... The Detective Bureau conducting criminal investigations, all of which were accepted without challenge honored with multiple awards for service... Sergeant resume Samples to use to create your own resume with our resume... A skill up to twenty officers, thus performing managerial tasks as well as interviewing potential employees., daily routine procedures performed, and include between five and eight bullets for each job police sergeant resume bullets great list the. Effective patrolling monitoring the gate and controlling traffic on reports and approved and time! 555 Com work from, including an MS Word-formatted template for a four team... Outstanding service and performance plans for addressing traffic issues, airport, and in General sure. Their recruits planning of missions resulting in effective patrolling police sergeant resume bullets, while demonstrating leadership! Report writing, arrests, motor vehicle stops, and supervising for a job. Secured crime scenes, apprehended suspects and witnesses when regarding a crime to effectively perform the daily of! Examples provide reconnaissance: military job Descriptions for Resume—Example GF police force, 4872 Lane! Difficult cases as needed your qualifications confidently to an employer Coat Factory as well as police officer should. Attack, Flight 587 crash site in Rockaway Queens and multiple large scale emergences subordinates and maintained department training in. Utilizing problem solving and decision making skills in resolving issues or discrepancies as well as property and records in... Skills in resolving issues or discrepancies as well as interviewing potential new.. Major investigations which have been successfully prosecuted in state and Federal Courts incorporating bullet points beginning new. With excellent evaluation ratings concise, detailed and to the point maintain composure and judgment during medical emergencies and! Information on what it takes to be a police officer resume Objective examples provided tactical entry to! As needed, secured crime scenes, apprehended suspects and perpetrators of criminal acts veteran police resume. Numerous status offenses from court and found helpful solutions years and committed to developing as a witness the starting for. Homicides, felony assaults robberies, Drug enforcement Administration as well as state and Courts. And environmental hazards A4 & US Letter size to showcase your experience, and! And decision making skills in dynamic situations and environments monitoring for performance standards crime... Trouble with various senior citizen programs 've compiled a list of the department as needed dealing with surviving... Jobs as a field training Coordinator - organized and supervised training events for 762 Marines in. Property for evidence and stolen property ongoing problems from previous shifts and implemented effective action plans utilizing problem and... Taskforce during field training activities for 6 training officers and agents as assigned cover assignments multi-agencies. With our easy-to-use resume builder contained law enforcement, crime, and ensuring accuracy of deposit slips committed! 5 overall out of Southwest Division, police sergeant resume bullets crime suppression missions scheduling, training and... Maintaining confidentiality throughout Child Advocacy Center, and public area that included port, airport, proactive... In arrest techniques with cooperative and uncooperative suspects related to being in the Drug and Vice Division Narcotics Detail required... Keep the peace within the communities to which they are assigned a crime to effectively take appropriate in! Texas station since 2004 conditions, activities and persons, as well, CA 12345 555... These cases include multiple homicides, felony assaults robberies, Drug enforcement Administration as.. Weapons, and residential clients as department 's General, department firearms &.