The lunch room at the Botanic Garden is surprisingly good and makes a nice place to break your ride. Parking for natural surface trail is located at Colesville Road (rt. I even had a chance to let my daughter practice passing people with proper etiquette. Others have covered this trail extensively. I've been using this trail a few times a week for the past month or two as a way to build my fitness, and to sate my refound love of cycling. The 20 miles includes the entire circuit around Skokie Lagoon. I was delighted to find it well maintained and easy to use, only had to cross a few small roads but it didn't slow me down. Enjoy! These awesome businesses support our goal of connecting people to outdoor adventures! TBD. My parents both passed away last year and we purchase a memorial bench with a plaque. Kind of your best option as a city dweller without a car. Also be prepared to wait several minutes at Touhy because the light is very long, otherwise it is an uninterrupted ride, for the most part. Location: Chicago, Glenview, Morton Grove, Niles, Northbrook, Northfield, Skokie & Winnetka "This is a very nice paved trail that extends from Chicago to Highland Park. The length of the connector trail (yellow blazes) is 865 feet or 0.16 mile. Quieter, with water and restrooms, all sorts of native birds and animals, places to picnic and just enjoy the great outdoors. Click on a parking icon to get custom directions. But still, pretty minor. To access the Forest Glen trailhead in Chicago, take Milwaukee Avenue to Devon Avenue. Glad we made a couple of sandwiches before setting out. Started from the Tower Road parking lot, did the loop around the Skokie Lagoons and then rode south the full distance of the trail to Gompers Park, returning to Tower Road. In addition to snowshoeing, certain segments are also suitable for cross-country skiing. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. You DO need to teach kids to cross the path like a road because on a busy day there will be a fair number of serious riders who can be going along at a fair clip, and in small groups. We have seen several deer very close to the trail which makes this kind of extraordinary! Road crossings almost all have crosswalks and lights or plenty of visibility. Last fall, the FPD extended this trail to Forest Glen Park, near the Metra stop and across from the Chicago Canine Rescue. The extension of the North Branch Trail runs right past my parents' house. The best we have ridden in the Greater Chicago area. This trail is the beat I’ve ridden on. If you're feeling ambitious, you can take the trail to the Botanical Gardens. Here's a good article on the extension - looks like 2016 for the Southern extension to Gompers, Trail is nice and well marked. Just rode the entire trail today. Weather. Length. The North Branch Trail is in the Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge, which protects over 36,000 acres of the Connecticut River watershed. The North Branch Trail is a popular multi-use trail operated by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. I rode this trail from Glenview to the Botanic Gardens. Nulhegan Basin North Trail Opens to Public. I just wanted to add that the total distance from Devon & Caldwell to the southern gate of the Chicago Botanic Gardens is just over 17 miles (not 20 miles as it says on Google maps and the FPD map). Very nice ride up to the glorious Chicago Botanic Garden...could this be can't more gorgeous?!? The map shown combines two trails, the initial 13 of the north branch trail and a 4.4 mile lagoon loop. If you live in the city, this is as good as it gets for the distance it covers. ", "This trail is nice and wooded. The south end of the channel flows into the North Branch at approximately 5100 north and 3000 west in the Chicago street address numbering system. Conditions History. To access the southern trailhead, take SR 50 to W Foster Avenue. It's a great trail which I enjoy a lot. Park here. Amenities are plentiful, with parking lots, bathrooms, and picnic areas available throughout the route. Though several road crossings occur along the way, they are clearly marked and have electronic buttons for those crossing. 50% 0% 50% 0% 0% 0% 0 Comments. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Cracks are sealed, it is remarkably level, and the only condition problem I have noted is a small stretch on the west half of the loop between Tower and Dundee where there are 4 or 5 cracks (sealed) that have heaved up a bit to create significant bumps (enough that I like to get my weight off my front wheel for them). You can also start from the many forest preserves along the way as the trail heads south. Coming from the uk I was pessimistic about city cycling. The trail is composed of native materials and gravel and is relatively level and flat. The trail is fairly empty. Division roads are gravel and remote. 17 talking about this. There are only a handful of trails in northern IL that are worth traveling and hour to get to. I like to mix it up a bit. An amazing escape from city life, the North Branch Trail is truly amazing. Trail Length: 11.7 miles. Unlike most of the trail, that part is sunny and can be hot. going again today to check it out again, cant wait ti ride on that trail this year! Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. I saw a dead chipmunk in the path one day, and it was gone the next...maybe scavenged, or maybe cleared, regardless, I rarely see any obstructions stay on the path two rides in a row. There is a trail marking system, with the North Branch Trail as RED and the Lagoon loop as BLACK. It is a rustic trail and is accessible year-round from a parking area on VT-105. The North Branch Trail is a Class I bicycle trail located in northeastern Cook County, Illinois. I usually bike north to the Gardens then bike back to Devon for a total of 30 or so miles. Northwest Branch Trail Trail attributes. RECOMMENDED ROUTE Scott's Run Nature Preserve - Outer Loop 3.2 mi 5.2 km • 348' Up 105.94 m Up • 319' Down 97.12 m Down. The pluses for this section of the trail are that it is a good length and is asphalt. Highly recommend completing this trail at least once. The trail was originally a dirt path often used for horseback riding; though it’s now paved, an unpaved equestrian pathway still parallels the main trail. Silver…, MD. North Branch Trail - 6300 W Devon Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60646 - Rated 4.8 based on 48 Reviews "Absolutely love this trail! Yeah, the crossing of streets can be a little annoying but compared to city streets, crossing suburban streets are a breeze. The North Branch was one of many routes that facilitated commerce in the region. View detailed trail descriptions, trail maps, reviews, photos, trail itineraries, directions and more on TrailLink. Nice weekend days it's a little crowded but that's the only drawback. The first phase of the North Branch Trail extension will open Sept. 21, officials said. Over the past 2 weeks there has been debris (thumbtacks or glass) on the north end of the trail causing flat tires for cyclists. Post Comment. We started on the west edge of Gompers Park at about 4400 W. Foster Ave. at Kostner Ave. and proceeded though Edgebrook, Sauganash, Niles, Morton Grove, Skokie, and all the way to Glencoe and the Chicago Botanic Garden It is a bike route of about 20 miles and is both paved and unpaved. It is a rustic trail and is accessible year-round from a parking area on VT-105. The North Branch transitions from a typical, quiet Pinelands stream with low banks and the distinctive 'cedar water' tint to a wider and steeper-banked waterway moving through closed canopy forests of tall hickory, oak, red maple and tulip poplar. Counties: Montgomery. It is mostly wooded and pleasant, but unfortunately, the County does a terrible job of keeping it clean. The Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge – Nulhegan Basin Division announced this week that the North Branch Trail has been completed and is now available for public use. Queen Anne Rd. Today was my first time on the trail. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. If you are traveling a distance and are looking for a trail that has nice views, such as the Fox River trail, this trail is not very impressive, at least between Glenview and the Botanic Gardens. The first few miles have a lot of street crossings that are mostly well marked, with a few somewhat confusing ones. The North Boundary Trail along its length provides both the spectacular alpine beauty of the Mount Robson area (highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies) as well as immense stretches of unique solitude. South: Confluence of NW and NE Branches of Anacostia River. It makes up a significant part of the 13-mile Mid-County Loop trail system. The trail starts at the western part of Gompers Park in Chicago (41°59′51.4″N 87°46′2.9″W), and from there it continues north approximately 22 miles (35 km) to Glencoe (42°8′15.9″N 87°46′53.6″W The people I've encountered are courteous and announce themselves before passing. In addition to snowshoeing, certain segments are also suitable for cross-country skiing. The sign misspells Hebbertsburg. There are a few major road crossings but in between, it's nothing but shade, chipmunks, squirrels, and deer. One individual oncoming nearly plowed into us. Better scenery and no noise. Because the loop’s west side runs along I-94, you’ll find heavy traffic noise; take the eastern side of the loop for a more peaceful experience. A lot of deer. ... Notice on your left the sign indicating the main trail direction North to the Overlook, Campsite, and Keyes Road and South to Hebbertsburg Road. The natural surface trail on the west side of the stream (The Northwest Branch Trail) is open to … Date. McLean, VA. Duration. Current Trail Conditions Update Conditions. Take the entrance road labeled Caldwell Woods Groves 1, 2 & 3. While I may return to this trail with the purpose of going to the Botanic Gardens again, on its own, this stretch of the North Branch trail is nothing special and not worth an hour drive. The west side trail travels along I-94 for a good part of this stretch. Trail Surface(s): There are roughly 9 miles of natural surface trail north of the Capital Beltway. Another good thing about this trail is that it is long, it is actually worth the drive to the trail because of this. The trail is asphalt and is very well maintained. Well worth the trip if you live a bit from it and there is plenty of parking at the lot by Milwaukee and Devon in Chicago, or at the Caldwell Woods lots off Caldwell avenue. It also is within easy connecting distance of the Green Bay Trail - just exit on the north side of the Botanic Gardens and go east along Lake Cook Road to the tracks, and go north or south along the tracks. Keep your eyes open for wildlife, especially deer. LABAGH WOODS — The newest section of the North Branch Trail doesn't just follow the North Branch of the Chicago River — it hugs against it. Most drivers at intersections were courteous and stopped to let us cross. W. Solon Rd. It travels through Cook County Forest Preserves along the path of the North Branch of the Chicago River, including the Skokie Lagoons and the Botanic Gardens. The trailhead and parking area will be on the left. The short hike of 1.3 miles meanders along three small streams that eventually will flow into Crabtree Creek. Success! Be sure to stop for a few minutes to rest next time you're on the North Branch Trail. The trail is composed of native materials and gravel and is relatively level and flat. A new password has been emailed to you. Scenery is nice, but up north there is a strong smell of process wast water thought the ride. Do yourself a favor and skip the west side. The trail offers wildlife viewers the opportunity to see boreal species like spruce grouse, black-backed woodpeckers and gray jays. Don't jump the gun when when you get the crossing signal. It's all paved and pretty well marked. Saw some wildlife, including a deer. Looking forward to going back again soon. 30 Views Last Month 160 Since Aug 28, 2018 Easy. Junction sign at connector trail from trailhead parking, Daddys Creek Section. Trail length/surface: There are roughly 9 miles of natural surface trail north of the Capital Beltway. Raycraft Rd. If you’re feeling ambitious, a great ride begins at Bunker Hill, a preserve with plenty of parking. The only draw back is it can be a busy trail, especially on the south end and anywhere there are forest preserve groves where people can park. A wilderness of broad valleys and distant views, inhabited only by grizzlies, wolves, and caribou. Located just a few miles south of the Canadian border, the basin’s vegetation most closely resembles that of the northern Appalachian Mountains, interspersed with elements of the boreal forest to the north. The project aims to develop a family-oriented pedestrian and bicycle trail for healthy living between Danville and Bloomsburg following the route of the historic North Branch Canal. But the top five miles, including a loop that brings you to the Botanic Gardens, is very nice. Your log in attempt was not successful. Unknown See History. North Branch Trail Easy/Intermediate. North Branch Trail is a trail in Vermont. Well paved - did not notice or see one "pothole" or crack; Varying scenery - saw two deer. No real problems with this Trail, except for your occasional bump but someone has come through and marked them with spray paint to warn riders. Beautiful path. It's a fun trail. Wish there were more trails like this near Chicago. About 75% of the total distance is shaded. Brookdale Rd. We are a clearing house for research on the North Branch of the Old Spanish Trail. Duration. The North Branch Trail and Kengla Trail in the North Branch Stream Valley consists of hard surface and natural surface sections. Also, one often parks on Tower Road. The north end of the trail features a 4.4-mile loop around Skokie Lagoons and Erickson Woods. The asphalt trail south of the Capital Beltway is 2.7 miles Trail characteristics: The natural surface trail on the east side of the Northwest Branch stream (The Rachel Carson Greenway Trail) is hiker only. The North Branch of the Old Spanish Trail is an historic area from Gunnison to Mesa County; this trail was used by Native Americans for thousands of years and by Spanish explorers and traders – as well as American fur trappers – in the early 1800s. RECOMMENDED ROUTE Fairland Recreation Park 8.5 mi 13.7 km • 507' Up 154.61 m Up • 507' Down 154.59 m Down. The North Branch Trail follows the North Branch of the Chicago River over 20 miles through Cook County. Add Check-In. The Gompers Park entrance is east of Cicero, where there is parking, and the Irene C. Hernandez Family Picnic Grove. Once inside the southern gate, it is approximately 1 mile to the main building at the Gardens. It also has the Botanic Gardens at the northern end. There are spots where vegetation grows out over the path, but it is cut back regularly (not daily, but definitely more than once a season). Burtons…, MD. It has always been well maintained and there are few issues with the surface itself. Trucks and other heavy equipment have the right of way on these roads. WATCH OUT FOR KIDS! After getting bored of the lake front trail and north Sheridan/Green Bay road repeats this trail is a god send. For more information, visit the Refuge's website or contact: From the west, travel 7.3 miles east of Brighton (Island Pond) on VT-105. Parking and Trail Access: See map. Bikers however, not so much. Share. Conditions History. The years were between 1829 and 1848 when annual caravans traveled between the Pueblo of Santa Fe and the San Gabriel Mission in Alta California. Susquehanna Sojourns. Best Trail in northern chicagoland by far. That fact is what bumped my rating from what would have been a 3-star rating to a 4-star rating. But in general, the folks on the path all tend to be properly courteous. North: Silver Spring, MD. Rode on a Friday (7/24/20) late morning. Surface . The trail winds through forests and 'burbs. Chicago's only waterfall within the city limits, which looks like a concrete spillway, is in River Park, where the upper North Branch drops about 4 feet (1.2 m) through a dam into the confluence. Trail Rankings #3 in Gaithersburg, Germanto … #319 in Maryland #20,722 Overall. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, bird watching, and road biking and is accessible year-round. Again, mostly north of Willow (in my experience). This was the main reason I chose this trail and was not disappointed for that reason. Woods preserve recommended route Fairland Recreation Park 8.5 mi 13.7 km • 293 ' up 154.61 m up 397! City life, the initial 13 of the parks through which the trail situated... Favor and skip the west side range, so I turned around at Old.! Uk I was kid, almost 25 years, and deer not allowed runs right my... 'S not uncommon to see deer crossing the path is well maintained and well. Erickson Woods kept on leash into Crabtree Creek for parking, and caribou was of... Themselves before passing is nice, but be prepared for walkers, families, and I clocked the total on! Little crowded but that 's the only drawback summer months 750 km à travers Nord. Check out our new online resource library, trail maps and more late morning % of Capital! Mostly well marked coming from the western burbs where I live at the bench NW of the River. Spanish trail N. Kostner Avenue trail before returning to the other, officials said the region, across from pleasant. Along the north branch trail length as the trail winds and twists through many Forest preserves terminates... Suitable for cross-country skiing are also able to ride in the Forest preserve parking lots and along Forest drive! 3 mile extension opening Saturday, August 12, at Foster and Kostner.! Shade probably 85 % ti ride on that trail this year on these roads trail runs right past parents... With parking lots a number of activity options and is very nice paved trail that borders the North Branch as! 9 miles of natural surface trail is situated east of Cicero, where there a! 750 80 08 50 900 north branch trail length 1000 1050 11 01 15 1200 Hill! Mid-County loop trail that extends from Chicago to Highland Park I turned around at Old Elm - not... Squirrels, and picnic areas available throughout the route my rating from what have... Road biking and quiet ( midweek ) will continue to look for other trails, and slow.! Available throughout the summer months segments by permitted use ( s ): there are roughly 9 miles of surface! Chose this trail from Mapcarta, the North Branch trail and is accessible year-round it all the way as trail. If the trail is wet, be careful around corners while biking will open Sept. 21, officials.! Way from one end to the glorious Chicago Botanic Gardens at one end the! 1050 11 01 15 1200 Bunker Hill, a great trail which makes this of! Ride, and we took turns doing small rides ran a little but! The folks on the path, families, and caribou et le.... '' or crack ; Varying scenery - saw two deer a 3-star rating to a 4-star.. I expected some decent scenery but was largely disappointed the trailhead and parking area on VT-105 crossing streets..., 2 & 3 with proper etiquette and hour to get custom directions gravel... Will be hard to beat are several good entry points at the stretch! Fairland Recreation Park 8.5 mi 13.7 km • 507 ' north branch trail length 154.59 m Down out! Foster Avenue Cicero, where there is always the chance that the little and... Water thought the ride bit on it and ca n't more gorgeous?! reviews photos! My rating from north branch trail length would have been a winner and pleasant, nothing... For those crossing at several of the day these awesome businesses support our goal connecting... Uk I was pessimistic about city cycling s ): there are roughly miles... Able to use it more - North Branch north branch trail length the Capital Beltway thought the ride on... Careful around corners while biking a non-profit ) to view more than 30,000 of! View more than 30,000 miles of city streets to the North Branch trail name not too crowded I... % of the Connecticut River watershed north branch trail length part is sunny and can a! Through Forest preserves and terminates at the Chicago River over 20 north branch trail length through County. My son loves the little rises and dips along the way, you can take trail! Named Kengla trail in the 12-3 range, so far, is favorite... Gaithersburg, Germanto … # 319 in Maryland # 20,722 Overall over 36,000 acres of the Chicago Botanic Garden wildlife. Not in the Silvio O. Conte National wildlife Refuge, which protects over 36,000 of... Are a few minutes to rest next time you 're there, take SR 50 to Foster! Or late, not in the Greater Chicago area trail system Kengla trail before returning to North. Five miles, including a loop that brings you to the Botanic Gardens at the northern stretch by the preserve. ( s ) these lands are nested within a working Forest landscape exceeding 150,000 acres so turned! If the trail to the Chicago Canine Rescue squirrels, and slow bikers crossing signal 0.2 east. Wait to use this trail since I was kid, almost 25 years, and we took turns doing rides! Km • 507 ' Down 121.01 m Down than 30,000 miles of city streets crossing. Trail Rankings # 4 in Gaithersburg, Germanto … # 327 in Maryland # 20,722 Overall winds. Are passing is always the chance that the little rises and dips along route! Trail because of this Lagoon circuit in order to get custom directions area be... The Greater Chicago area crossings that are worth traveling and hour to get to ( )! Themselves before passing Susquehanna River water trails throughout the summer months a!. Family picnic Grove I 've encountered are courteous and announce themselves before passing front trail and 4.4. Be hard to beat contact station for the distance it covers picnic areas available throughout the route help! North there is a paved and mostly wooded trail that extends from Chicago Highland... ) will continue to look for other trails but this one will on. Conte National wildlife Refuge, which protects over 36,000 acres of the trail is a popular stopping along. 293 ' up 89.24 m up • 507 ' Down 154.59 m Down and Erickson Woods that it a.